What makes boudoir photography art?

Photographic art today is a unique art form with an infinite amount
opportunities. Each photo offers a unique view of reality.
The photographer conveys his vision by playing with different aspects, such as perspective, composition, light, sharpness and contrast.
Not all photos are art, however, and there can be some debate about when a photo can be considered art.
Photography is primarily a technical act of setting up the equipment correctly and pressing the right buttons, but it can be much more than that.
As with any work of art, it can be argued that a photograph belongs to the photographic art.
Photography can become an art if it is not only a representation of reality, but the photographer manages to capture a deeper dimension of that reality in a photo through his own interpretation.
The transference of emotions in a photo also plays an important role in determining whether a photo is art.
Art director Morreau mainly uses non-professional models.
Which therefore never simply captures reality. But play with all aspects of the image.
Morreau’s art photos often deviate from reality as we know it. Both in the subjects and in the composition.
It makes people recognize it as photographic art.

Boudoir photography is a form of photography with a sensual character, in which the body (usually female) plays the leading role. The photoshoot is neat, elegant and sexy, but not flat and vulgar. The curves of the female body are used perfectly, giving every woman (regardless of her body type) a beautiful appearance.

What is boudoir photography?

A boudoir means “a lady in her private room or dressing room”. It is an intimate and stylish photo shoot, where seduction is paramount. It is a very exciting photo session, where the photographer makes you feel comfortable. Such recordings often take place in your own room, hotel or studio. It’s good if you know the area so you can go into the shoot more comfortably.

In a typical boudoir photo shoot, you alternate between multiple sets of lingerie and a form-fitting corset. The most important thing is that you feel good in it, because that is what you radiate in the photo. Alternate with shoes (sexy high heels), stockings, panties and jewelry.

A boudoir shoot is very sexy and very exciting to do. The end result is a beautiful gift for your partner or on canvas on the wall or in a photo book. The photographer emphasizes the beauty of the (female) body, regardless of your body type, age (of course 18+) or experience in front of the camera. In fact, every woman should have a boudoir session at least once in her life, because every body is worth being in front of the camera.

You are most vulnerable in your lingerie (or nude), so it is good to inquire in advance about the content of such a shoot. If you follow these boudoir shoot tips, you’ll be confident in front of the camera. Use it to your advantage!

Why choose Morreau for your boudoir shoot?

Do you like stylish, sensual and slightly innocent photos? It is a beautiful castle decor for your partner or as an art object on the wall or book. The aim of Artistic Director Morreau is to portray people in their best light. It is a very artistic form of photography that can capture your beauty in a different way.


“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”

We play a lot with the light, your curves and the outfits you wear. It is of course very exciting to be in front of the camera during such a boudoir shoot. Morreau is a professional who knows how to deal with this and will make it as comfortable as possible for you. Your wishes are central.

Biography Artistic director Fabrice Espérance Morreau.

Fabrice Morreau was born in 1968 in France, the land of passion for the arts, culture and finesse. His talents for art and aesthetics were discovered early on and at the age of 8 he started his training at the Royal Art Academy, later continued at the Fashion Academy in Paris. His career as a fashion designer and professional director in which he provides services for numerous international companies and organizations in the digitization of imaging, marketing, communication and innovation strategy.

In addition to his career, he has since 10 years focused on his personal passion, boudoir photography. It brings out the beauty and sensuality of the real woman in combination with the beautiful decor elements of an early 18th century castle.

Unique weekend in a beautiful castle with personalized photo shoot

Recently, a unique formula has been offered in which you as a couple are the only ten guests at the castle at the Baron and the Baroness.

The program consists of a 2-day, with an overnight stay in one of the original suites of the castle with a custom photo shoot.

The entire experience is shrouded in a combination of style, hospitality, good food, tranquility and enjoyment.

Time stands still here.

In advance, we look at what the wishes are for the photo shoot. This can range from a certain theme, party attire, city attire, style, memories, to for some couples the possibility for a slightly more sensual and beautiful touch.

The Art Director/Photographer not only provides the perfect lighting and storyboard, but also provides good guidance for anyone who is uncomfortable in front of the camera.

The stylist takes care of the decor and helps with accessories, make-up and hair if desired.
The pleasant conversations in the evening over dinner and the I-sleep-out breakfast provide the extra personal touch and a wonderfully relaxing weekend.

Day 1

4 pm: arrival & welcome
5 pm: first photo shoot (including lighting testing)
8 pm : joint castle dinner, prepared the Ardennese
Somewhere in the night: castle-style bedtime

Day 2

10am : extensive breakfast buffet “At ease”
11 am: photo shoot
13h: lunch break
2 pm: photo shoot
4 pm: high tea/ coffee

2 thoughts on “What makes boudoir photography art?

  1. Jan Strybol says:

    Hello, I am interested in the weekend Boudoir photography. I have a question: is the photo shoot done by a professionel phatographer or is the idea that there is an art director who decides on the lighting, clothes, positions, interior, etcetera so that I (amateur photographer and willing to learn how to shoot boudoir pictures) can take nice pictures of my wife? I prefer the latter, but I am not sure if that is the idea of the weekend.

  2. sophie Moerkerke says:

    We were able to experience it, it was an exceptional shoot and a great weekend.
    Neat down to the last detail and beautiful photos.
    Thanks for everything.

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