We all know a healthy mind in a healthy body as an expression. Sexual fantasies, stimulation and being intimate are also detrimental to physical and mental balance and health.

And sometimes that just doesn’t go the way it should.

Through a calm and safe conversation with the consultant as a couple or individual, the causes and a solution can be discussed to have (back) a healthy libido, which benefits you or as a couple.

The consultant will also guide the difficult topics to be discussed in a calm and safe manner.

Physical and mental well-being

We all have different unique erotic fantasies or sensations that can arouse us whether we are female or male, straight, bi-curious, bisexual or holibi, young or old. A healthy libido and a balanced intimate activity are ideal, happiness-making and de-stressing. Unfortunately, that is not always (anymore) obvious. A prolonged deficiency or absence of an active libido, if not of personal choice, can be detrimental to physical and mental well-being, as an individual, or also as a couple. With individual guidance, an open and safe conversation, with a supportive search for the solution, can quickly lead to good results. In couples counseling, an open guided conversation allows to express feelings to the partner in a safe way, and to build the right solution together as a couple.


Reasons for a lowered individual libido such as: stress, no time, menopause, change of body, long-term illness, “being too old for intimacy”, … are solvable and no excuse. A difference can also arise within couples, where the different individuals have different needs such as: from frequency of activity, fantasies or stimulating situations, toys, foreplay, positions … to libertine openness. These differences can also be resolved into which the couple can grow together, taking into account the individual needs or limitations. For libertine couples, the counselor also helps to make safe agreements, underlying concerns and possible changes in one of the partners.

These sessions take place in a unique location, a stylish castle in the heart of the Ardennes. In combination with a weekend or an overnight stay, you can relax here in the beautiful nature, sleep wonderfully and you can safely talk and enjoy yourself in a relaxed atmosphere.

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