Galabals Fabulles & Deccadent

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the evening?

The evening is a combination of networking and “comedia de l’ arte” for libertine like-minded couples or individuals.

During the evening there is a ceremony and an assignment round in a separate room. All invitees are asked to be present in this room and may (not have to) participate in the ceremony or assignments.

Between the activities there is ample time to enjoy the buffet and get to know other guests.

During the activities, the other rooms and the bar are closed.

Is this a wild party?

Like a gala evening in a castle, this is a meeting with libertine humor and acts, with soft background music.

The entire evening is conducted in style, respect, harmony and etiquette.

Can you dance in lingerie?

Ladies who wish, can change into a lighter stylish elegant outfit later in the evening, as indicated by the organization.

The gentlemen remain in tuxedos or suits. The music remains background music and is not suitable for dancing.

Did we eat well before the start?

The first buffet is only served after the ceremony, which is usually between 10.30 pm and 11 pm.

It is therefore recommended to have eaten something light before arriving at the gala.

Can we eat at the hotel?

The hotel does not offer dinner, but you can book a restaurant nearby.

What is the ceremony?

The ceremony is inspired by the well-known scene from the film Eyes-Wide-Shut, for many an erotic fantasy.

It is performed in a woman-friendly and very serene way.

The woman’s partner stays close to her and no other man is assigned. Booking in advance for participation is recommended.

Black capes are provided by the organization for the ladies who participate.

What are the assignments?

Inspired by the theme, the organization always comes up with some playful, libertine, naughty assignments that can be carried out by those present. Let us surprise you…

Drugs & Alcohol

Drugs, narcotics and stimulants are totally prohibited. When exhibiting a behavior that could suspect that one has taken drugs, the security will immediately exclude the person concerned from participation in the gala event. When distributing drugs, narcotics or stimulants, whether for free or for sale, the police will be notified immediately.

Alcohol is available through an open bar. In the event of intoxication or annoying/disruptive behavior, the organization can refuse alcohol or allow this person to leave home earlier. Enjoy, but drink in moderation.

Arrival & Parking

You can register at the Gala between 8 pm and 9 pm, after which the gates and doors will open.

For guests who have booked an overnight stay with shuttle service.

In the entrance hall there is a banner with the hours of the shuttle service. Please wait there, along with your printed invitation. The drivers only take guests who have booked a shuttle service. As soon as you enter the schuttle, put on your eye mask, the magic can begin…

For guests arriving by car.

The driveway is lit with ground candles. At that time, wearing the eye mask is mandatory. Someone from the organization will assign you a parking space, so that all cars can be parked. You will also be asked for the password and your invitation, keep it handy.

GMS or mobile phones remain in the car – these are not allowed at the event itself.

Corona test: once you have arrived at the parking, you will be referred to the annex for a Corona check – please bring your Corona Safe pass, you will also undergo a rapid test there, so that everyone present can be sure that EVERYONE is negative. Unfortunately, people who test positive will not be able to participate, their ticket can be converted to the next Gala.

At the front door of the castle, security will ask you for the password, test Covid negative, check your entrance ticket, and check whether your outfit conforms to the requested dress code.

Check-in: at the check-in desk you will have to present your entrance ticket together with your profile name. Your car keys, or room keys (Hotel/Castle) will be kept for you. You will receive this back when you leave.

Does the organization have the right not to return my car keys?

We would like to see everyone leave the car on the road in a positive and safe way.

If the organization has doubts about whether you can still drive safely (alcohol/fatigue) on the dark tracks where local game also resides, we will make the difficult decision, for your safety, not to return the car keys. A solution is then sought.

If you arrive as a couple, you will also leave as a couple. No one is left behind.

Does the organization have the right to deny me access, even if I have a valid entrance ticket?

Unfortunately, you may be denied access. This has happened in the past because of:

Arriving drunk,

Refusing to hand over car keys,

Disrespectful behavior towards the organization or other guests,

Not conforming to the dress code,

arrive after 9 pm,

When is the event done?

Unless otherwise mandated by the federal or local government, the last guests will be escorted out at 2:50am so the event is officially closed at 3am.

The last organized activity (the dessert buffet) is between midnight and 1 am, from then on the counter will be open again for the return of the keys.

If you want to leave even earlier, just ask “De Baron” or “La Baronne”, they can help you further.

Corona measures

  1. The measures imposed by the Belgian and local authorities at the time of the Gala Ball will be respected.
  2. A Covid-safe pass is necessary and an additional test on site for everyone. This is to respect ALL attendees and their families.
  3. An air quality meter is present.